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Welcome to HASLE Refractories

HASLE Refractories develops, manufactures and supplies unique refractory solutions for a number of different high temperature industries, such as the cement, power, waste, bio mass, steel, glass and paper industry.

We deliver high quality products, engineering and supervision services and are certified according to ISO9001:2015.

Do you need castables for your next project?

Among our castables, you will find traditional castables, low-cement, gunning, insulating and mortars. All castables comply with our high standards for particle-size distribution, castability and physical properties, so you are guaranteed a consistent, high quality. Whether you need castables for an entire re-lining or just an emergency repair, we will gladly help you choose the proper castable for your application.

Do you need help finding the right precast elements?

Are you dealing with short lining lifetime due to alkali attack, abrasion or coating? Try a HASLE precast solution. HASLE’s precast elements are more durable, have better alkali- and abrasion resistance than in-situ castings and get practically no coating. We have standard precast solutions, and also offer to design and manufacture custom-made elements to meet specific requirements.

Do you need assistance with technical design?

If you need specially designed precast elements for areas with high temperatures, alkali attacks, abrasion and/or thermal shock, we are here to help. Partnering with us already in the design phase guarantees that your precast elements are made to fully meet your requirements. We specialize in advanced technical design, use of ceramic materials and precast element manufacturing.

Learn how we can make your process more sustainable

HASLE delivers a long-lasting modular lining for high temperature industries, particularly cement plants, which reduces energy consumption and ensures better use of raw materials. It offers increased capacity, improved isolation and lasts much longer compared to other solutions. Alkali-, abrasion- and coating-resistant, it enables plants to use alternative fuels.

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